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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Re: War on O’Reilly

Posted by on December 8 at 11:03 AM

From yesterday’s Washington Post:

Laura Bush , ducking into the Georgetown Pottery Barn yesterday for barely five minutes, wearing a bright blue suit and wishing shoppers “Happy Holidays” in a very perky way. Didn’t buy anything — maybe just making her wish list?

Andrew Sullivan dares O’Reilly to go after the Bush family and says of the First Lady

She’s a heathen, I tell you. A disgusting liberal heathen.

Yes, she is—at least by O’Reilly’s crypto-Christian-fascist standards. O’Reilly believes that wishing people “Happy Holidays” is somehow oppressing Christians, and Christian groups are going after retailers that use HH in places of “Merry Christmas.” Funnily enough, the White House sent out cards wishing folks a happy “holiday season,” not a Merry Christmas, which pissed off Bush’s base. Oh, and so did FOX News, O’Reilly’s employer—check out this invite to their “Holiday Party.” For shame.