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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

re: No more Morning Alternative.

Posted by on December 27 at 15:18 PM

The really sad part about the End pulling their Morning Alternative show is that it was one of the only places the station really pushed local music. They’ve pushed bands like The Saturday Knights, Post Stardom Depression, the Blood Brothers and other local favorites, cracking the corporate code of ignoring local talent by inviting local bands and local personalities on the air. They even released a compilation CD of these studio appearances (I don’t have it on me but I think it was just called Live From the Morning Alternative, with proceeds going to the Vera Project). Hopefully they’ll keep the Sunday night Young and the Restless show, which was all about local bands. The more media that supports Seattle’s rich music scene the better…the more we get piped in programming from national syndicates (when it comes to music/entertainment) the worse it becomes for our local scene. Isn’t satellite radio the place for shows like Adam C.’s?

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It has seemed to me lately that they are switching back to their old format, and dropping the whole "indie cred" thing. I wonder if it didn't make them more money than Korn did?

people still listen to 177.7?

ha, see I can't even remember the correct station number! gotsta be a bad sign.

its totally true. people defended the end vigilantly when somebody caused a ruckes on the stranger message board about matt mccart getting fired. "oh! but look at all the good it does! it supports the local music scene!" obviously not when the money aint rollin in, ass-sacks.

That's the worst thing I've heard all day.

That show gave spins to local artists who would otherwise not see the right side of the dial for years if ever.

They did some great stuff for local music with that show. Not to mention Adam Corrolla's a drag.

Timberlake has more wit in his pinky finger than Adam C does at all. this is going to suck.

The reason this happens is because listeners such as yourself continue to support stations such as these as they become more and more of a corporate product with less of an identity. But the listeners remain and support the station and its events, and that's why these things snowball into events like what just happened.

Is the stranger going to talk about this or did I miss the article. I was actually proud to have the end as a pretty decent radio station that was trying to do good stuff, esp for the local music scene. A national radio program seems like the exact opposite of what I want on my LOCAL radio station.

dj no names pseudo sports show non-sense and his constant talking about having a black wife were getting annoying. Alos, anymore of jennifer blights Daria moronic attitude and it would have been time to strap explosives to a dying homosexual and force him/her to suicide bomb the end.

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