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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Queen is the Second Best Rock Band of All Time

Posted by on December 29 at 11:45 AM

I went to the Queen tribute at Chop Suey last night, a fund raiser for kids affected by AIDs/HIV.

It was packed. They were expecting to raise about $1500 to $2000. At $5-a-head, I imagine they came pretty close to raising the $2K. I’ll report back on that tomorrow or this afternoon when the numbers come in. [THIS JUST IN: $1900. Nicely done. Congrats to event sponsor Rise n’ Shine.]

A note on the show: Queen brings it out. The lead singer in each band showed up obviously having practiced their scales for hours. For example, Sean Bates (“as in masturbates” he told me), brought the house down with a prancing roaring rendition of “We are the Champions,” dressed in a tight white Flash tee shirt. And the guitarists showed up with brand new, glowing electric strings and expensive polished tuned Gibsons 1970s style.

They were all there to bend the club out. And they all did. Highlight songs included “Fat Bottomed Girls” (two different bands on that one), “Somebody to Love,” “Pressure” (a breath taking garage arrangement), “Death on Two Legs,” and a great great work out on “Sheer Heart Attack,” the absolute best Queen song.

Queen, obviously, is the 2nd best rock band of all time. Which, of course, means they’re the best rock band of all time.

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Everyone knows that the absolute best Queen song is in fact "Who Wants To Live Forever".

There can only be one.

Ok, I plead stupidity. Will someone please make sense of Josh's last paragraph for me?

i am still furious that this took place a week and a half before my 21st birthday. FURIOUS.

Best rock band is Roxy Music, in my 'umble opinion. Queen maybe is in the top 25. Not bad at all, but it's a stretch to say they're the best (or 2nd best, or whatever you were trying to say). You still drunk, Josh?

Oh, puh-leazzze....

Even in the category of "Best band to have lost an integral member to HIV/AIDS," they'd still lose out to the B-52s. (*sniff* RIP, Ricky...)

The best thing that can be said of Queen is that their over-the-top bombastic preening helped inspire the 'back to basics' of punk, and we can all thank God/Goddess for that!

I must agree on this one. Around Christmas, my parents and my fiance watched the entire Live and Webley concert (1986) and I was almost moved to tears. Said fiance gave me the soundtrack for Christmas. Beautiful.

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