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Thursday, December 1, 2005


Posted by on December 1 at 11:59 AM

I returned from vacation today to find my e-mail in-box jammed with letters about my column from last week where I had suggested that Seattle Democrats oust Rep. Jim McDermott (D-7) in 2006. I see that in this week’s Stranger my editors chose to run a sampling of the folks who disagreed with me. But there were tons of supportive letters too. Here’s one from someone who wants us to jump start an oust-McDermott movement.

Josh, I picked up one of the lingering copies of last week’s Stranger and was happy to see your column on finding an appropriate ouster of McDermott. As a resident of Seattle over the last decade, I have generally agreed with McDermott’s stance on most issues, but have been embarrassed by his approach. Unfortunately, I don’t know as much about Councilman Ferguson. I would love to see the Stranger run a series “introducing” its readers to potential candidates. Maybe start the process by asking for suggestions. Follow up the suggestions with some reporting and some of us readers may start to jump on somebody’s bandwagon early enough to get McDermott out of there. Thanks for the column, Dylan

Meanwhile, I’d like to respond to Nancie Losnoff, whose letter ran in this week’s paper. She says my column was off base because McDermott is “principled.”

This reminded me of the first story I filed for the Stranger way back in 1999. A curious item in the NYT reported that McDermott was going to bat for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company over the objections of consumer rights groups. I did a little checking and found out exactly why the “principled” McDermott was doing the bidding of big Pharma. The (New Jersey) drug company that McDermott was aiding was also his #1 contributor that year.