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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Pipe Down

Posted by on December 22 at 11:23 AM

In this week’s Letters, reader Chris Shirley bemoans that the passage of I-901 will put Diwan Hookah Lounge out of business. What he fails to mention is that Diwan owner Ahmed Bartokaly started operating his establishment October 1. One has to wonder why a merchant would open shop with an imminent vote for an initiative that could threaten its existence.

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I too was concerned about businesses being forced to close up shop. Had the letter writer been near either of the hookah bars in the city recently, however, he would have seen that they are both now "members only" establishments. Not sure how the law works for that, but they appear to still be in operation.

This is a great tip--which two bars are you referring to?

The Rabbit Hole in the U-Dist SAYS it's private but no one is bothering to get a membership. I thought the law says private clubs are included if they have paid employees? Maybe it's just the propietor in there? whatever. who smokes Hooka anyway?

Interesting comments from Segal. I have known the owner of this establishment for many years and yes you are correct he is not too bright and certainly does not have any respect for the law. So why would he think to look into what laws are pending? He doesn't care, because he doesn't follow them anyway. He is your typical shady business man that just goes for that quick fix without much thought.

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