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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Paul Theroux is Almost Right

Posted by on December 21 at 13:04 PM

As Theroux points out in this article, Africa suffers from a very bad case of brain drain. Case in point: I, an English lecturer, work here at this American paper; my sister, a lawyer, works over my head; my father, an economist, now lives down the road from this office; my aunt, an accountant, lives in Greenwood; my cousin, an electrical engineer, works downtown; my other cousin, a corporate accountant, works in Bellevue, and so on and so forth. The article’s main wrong is the comparison that’s made between Bono and a famous character in Dicken’s Bleak House, mad Mrs Jellyby. That is nothing but a cheap (literary) shot.

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Just curious, Charles, but do you think there could be fair incentives that would entice educated Africans to stay in (or repatriate to) Africa? Or is the pull of greater opportunity in Europe and the U.S. too strong?

nothing. my advice to africans in africa is to get out of africa. all of the wealth is over here.

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