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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

No more Morning Alternative.

Posted by on December 27 at 15:08 PM

Today 107.7 the End announced that they’re replacing DJ No Name’s Morning Alternative with Adam Carolla’s new syndicated morning show.

It’ll start Jan 3rd.

That’s bullshit.

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If I wanted to listen to frat boy bullshit, I would listen to the T Man on KUBE.

Just another in the string of examples proving I am an idiot for falling for their "return to the real music" stuff last year.

I'm just about done with The End. I've been a fan forever, and now they don't even play new stuff from my favorite band anymore (Oasis. Yeah, I know). Just O.A.R. and Fall Out Boy or other shit that is the new, hot shit.

So essentially The End's biggest (and most recognized) proponent of local music is getting booted? I agree, utter bullshit. "Live from the Morning Alternative" was probably the best thing going for the local music scene in terms of getting stuff heard by kids in farther-reaching audiences.

So, whining about the loss of whining, girly boy, emo crap... Oh dear. Radio is in its death throws (think the plunging of the [some]Times and Pissed-In is bad???) I must say I was saddened by the appearance of nothing but static on 89.5 (perhaps it's the newest in techno?) Ah well, time to put in a Slayer CD...

(think the plunging of the [some]Times and Pissed-In is bad???)

Not to make this personal, but in addition to the spelling problems in your post, that was fucking retarded. Took me five minutes to even figure out what you were trying to say.

If a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody around does it make a sound?

You kids have no sense of humor. I'm a liberal, twentysomething, alternative-music-supporting lady, and I probably hate T-Man and Tom Leykis even more than you do. But enough with the high horse attitude! Adam Carolla is funny and smart, so either give him a chance or, if you need music that bad, listen to KEXP in the morning. DJ No-Name seems like a nice dude, but he is an effing snoooooooooooze. Praise Jesus for syndication.

hukt on fonix wurkt fer me...

My apologies for the spelling error. To shame.

I apologize for not being a fan of emo, pop or whatever it is the End plays. Yes the post was idiotic. I wasn't aware that this was an outlet for superior thought processes and the like. Back to the e-cards about STD's...

This was an outlet for superior thought processes and the like. Get used to it. By the way you have herpes.

So which "alternative declaration" does this decision square with?

Number 4 ("We will support local bands, music, and shows")?

Number 1 ("It's about the music")?

Number 7 ("Knowledgeable deejays")?

Thanks, Entercom.

I thought DJ No Name and Jennifer kicked some mighty enjoyable ass in the mornings. *My* problem is seeing talented folks apparently lose their jobs because buying the rights to some bland syndicated show is cheaper. Gonna do an article, Megs? (What if I apologize for calling you Megs?)

Hell, I stopped listening to The Morning Alternative when Jennifer White replaced Timberlake and then couldn't stop talking or berating No Name. I missed the Traffic Donkey!

I started listening to NPR in the morning instead. If I have to listen to people talking, at least it should be about something important. Though I didn't really listen to the show much anymore, it doesn't mean that I'll start now that Adam Corolla is moving in. In fact, I'll be less likely to do so. What a stupid move.

This is an incredibly sad event. I've been a big fan of The End since their latest overhaul. I don't love everything they play, but they really did support DJs that love new alternative/indie music. KEXP is great, but we need choices.

The Morning Alternative seemed to be at the heart of The End's overhaul. What's their unifying theme now? It's about the music? I don't think so. I used to be a fairly regular morning listener and an occasional listener throughout the day, but I'm not sure 107.7 is even going to stick around as a preset...

I'm incredibly bummed about the end of the morning alternative. I moved to Seattle a little over a year ago, and it's been kind of lonely. No Name and Jennifer provided a connection to the community in a very cool way. That's how I found out about concerts and local music. I will miss them a lot. And so far I am not impressed by Adam Carolla and his guest comedian's "twin brother." That was one of the most ridiculous things I've heard. That's the kind of material people use when they've been running full speed and are out of gas, not when they're first starting out. Lame. If anyone finds out what happened to No Name and Jennifer, please post here and let us know. Thanks.

First off, I dont live in Seattle, hell, I don't even live in Washington. I listened online because I've always been a big fan of the bands from the Seattle area. I tuned in to the morning alternative at work just about everyday, and for the most part found Jennifer and No Name to be pretty damn funny, plus the music was excellent. So I was very dissappointed to see them go, and even more dissappointed to see them replaced with Adam Carolla. He's not funny, he's annoying and crass. I thought he was a douche on loveline, and why anyone would give him his own show is beyond me. Entercom owns the "alternative" station where I live, so I'm guessing its only a matter of time before they destroy that one too. Thanks alot.

WTF? Adam Carolla is a jock/frat boy womanizing F*ck. I think he is the worse thing for Seattle. He promotes nothing but college style sex talk. At least w/ DJ No Name and Jennifer White it was about the music and they entertained as well (she had a sexy voice). 107.7 will have to change their slogan, because it's not about the music anymore. Sellouts suck.

can we do anything to try and get them back? i cannot stand Adam Carolla, he is not funny and i could kick the person who though her should be on the end. what has happened to dj no name and jennifer white?

I AGREE!!! As a daily listener to The End I think DJ No Name and Jennifer White were funny, informative, and at least sounded intelligent...Adam Carolla is a sexist IDIOT. Seattle should NOT support 107.7 given the recent addition of Carolla as part of its music programing.

What I cannot figure out is how KNDD decided that the Howard Stern replacement show fit in to their audience. If we wanted Howard or his replacement act we would have been listening to a station that played them, not 1077. We listened because it was “local” and played “twice the music”. Great way to alienate your audience.

Hell, the new morning show at 99.9 (ex-Howard Station) sucks, but at least it is local.

I dislike the new show so much I have resorted to listening to the mountain. At least every once in a while I get to hear Keen, Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie. That is a heck of a lot better than listening to Carolla drivel on and on.

Simply put: I dont listen to the end anymore. I was shocked that the morning alternative was taken off the air. I tend to agree with most of the comments that point out the fact that the "alternative declarations" are kinda crap now. I think I missed the declaration that talks about "we will be all about the music....unless that doesnt make us any money" or "we will just puff smoke up the rear ends of our listeners...cause they dont know any better" I have listened to the end's morning show since savage left. I didnt care much for that Marconi guy... then here comes the big change right at the new year. Out of the blue the station pulls its head out right in the middle of playing "hey ya" by Outkast and realizes what it REALLY should be doing. Then the proceed to try and make the listeners believe in what they are doing....then comes this Christmas and again....YOINK!!! They pull the plug again! Only this time, it was the plug for the stations life support...good by KNDD...I am not sure you will have anymore listeners if you keep this up. Who is next...? Harms for Tom Leykis???

Long Live No Name
Screw Adam Corolla.

IF I wanted S*** for breakfast, I would dump in my coffee filter!

Thanks for nothing 1077. You sellout ****

And the Seattle music scene is getting killed softly by Adam Corolla's non-songs.

Like most of you (i think) i really thought the end was doing something unique and special. Then entercom suits kill it.

Anyways, if anybody is still reading this feed I found a small tidbid of info that entercom is trying to place no name and white at a sister station. Entercom also owns the following seattle based stations: oldies-97.3-kbsg,the mountain-103.7-kmtt, rock-99.9-kisw, and the wolf-100.7-kqbz.

I found the info in a google cache search under "jennifer white kndd". The entercom info from their site.

Does anybody else know whats going on with no name and white?

Dammit Dammit WHERE THE HELL IS DJ NO NAME? Why don't the suits see, if you hear it, they will buy it? I have bought countless cd's from learning bands even existed because of dj no name, now this shithead adam? I couldn't stand him when I lived in Maryland, now, it is only a matter of time
--the day---the music---->>>>>>>>>>>DIES.................

DJ No Name And Chicken Dumpling Rocked.
Does anyone have any idea what the f*** happened? I was out of town and I cam back to this adam corrola crap. Did they even get a chance to say goodbye? If they didnt I will never listen to the end EVER again. Ive already taken it off of my pre sets as have all my friends. You know whats crazy though? This is all a ripple effect from Howard Stern switching to Sirius Sattelite Radio! Anyways. If you see this No Name hit me up...i know you like the pain pills especially in times like this. I got your back dog.

Another post from me. I just went to the ends site. Here is the link to contact them. I encourage everyone to at least send one message about this. Maybe, just maybe we could have an impact.

Thanks for the heads up on the link, theseventhsign. Here's the message I sent to KNDD:

What am I to do? You replaced The Morning Alternative with Adam Carolla?! I came back from vacation to find this sad news.

When I moved to Olympia a few months ago, the only good thing was that I could still get The End. Now this? I feel betrayed. I hope I can find another station pronto. Any recommendations?

I am sorely disappointed. I was a regular listener for 6 years and now I'm moving on. I can tolerate change, but not a completely new format that is alienating and misogynistic. To quote REM: "It's The End of the world as we know it."

I sent two emails to The End via that link and this is the sad response I got back:

Thanks for your thoughts regarding our addition of The Adam Carolla Show, weekday mornings on 107.7 The End. While this is a mass letter being sent to all respondents, we did read every e-mail regarding your thoughts on our decision to air Adam's show.

As you know we've changed our morning approach a few times since late 2003. I cannot stress the importance of providing you with high quality entertainment during the morning. When the opportunity arose to include Adam Carolla's unique show on The End, we were quick to evaluate, and appreciate, Adam's many years of "Loveline" success at the station, as well as his huge popularity with most of our listeners. I'm sure that you agree that intelligent, engaging on-air presenters add to Your listening experience on The End.

There are two main concerns expressed in your e-mails that I'd like to address.

1) The End's Music
Our music will remain largely the same. Our goal is always to introduce new alternative sounds to Seattle and play you the great songs we've enjoyed together on The End the past 14+ years. And we feel we've got the best air staff in Seattle to do just that: Jim Keller, who's been with The End since 1993, 10am-2pm; Dick Rossetti, a living encyclopedia of music, 2pm-6pm; and new music guru harms, 6pm-10pm.

2) Being Local
Adam's show emanates, live from Los Angeles, just like many of the network and cable television shows, and virtually all of the theatrical movie releases that we enjoy. We are equally excited to serve Seattle with local personalities for over eighteen hours each weekday and non-stop during weekends. We'll continue to keep you on top of local concerts and club shows, including End Sessions, Endfest and Deck The Hall Ball, during and after Adam's show. And we'll continue to support the Seattle music scene by playing local bands, presenting local bands live as part of The Young & The Restless Concert Series, and, every Friday at 6pm, bringing in local bands to play live on The End.
Plus The End's commitment to The Vera Project will continue in 2006 raising money and awareness for Seattle's music-arts center run by and for youth.

Your passion for The End is noticeable and appreciated. Thanks for your e-mails.

Phil Manning
Station Manager/Program Director

I too came back from the mad, mad world of Christmas to find my Morning Alternative replaced by Adam Carolla. I was flabbergasted! How can you replace a morning show that is less than half talk (sometimes witty, sometimes falling flat, but always enjoyable repartee) with an obnoxious, immature frat boy? I felt betrayed, for myself and for the DJ's as well!

All the years I've listened I've never called in to the station, not even in an attempt to win tickets. But the minute I realised what the station had done I was so furious I IMMEDIATELY called the programming manager(I'm sure I wasn't the first) and then when I couldn't get any satisfaction I emailed them. I finally got a form letter that explained nothing and answered no questions.

I haven't listed to the end since.

I don't think I will be going to Endfest this year, too bad because it really turned me on to the Kaiserchiefs, but I don't think I'll be able to stomache it.

Sorry about the novel but I'm still angry!

ps (and now the token female is gone as well!)

Agreed... I think the number one reason i listened to the end was because of their very unique approach to radio. No where else have I lived had a radio station that focused on the listener. It was nice to have polite and intelligent DJ's in an industry that is cluttered with rude and cliche employees.

This is horriable, how can the end say they are staying local with Adam casting from LA! I hate morning shows, but allways enjoyed the end, they allways brought up current local events, and talked about things you could picture becuase they were experiencing the same cities and towns we do. I loved the raw, honesty of DJ No Name. I could do without Jennifer, but she adds something when paired with him do to the oppositeness of thier personalities. I hate this Adam crap! Now how do we get rid of him!

The Afternoon Experiment was the best show on The End. They then moved him to morinings which is OK, but he didn't have as much freedom as he did in the afternoon. The End is now left with Harms, and well that's it.

No offence to Adam Corolla (sp?), but I think local shows are better than national shows.

so, does anyone know what even happened to DJ W and Jennifer?

Here is the e-mail I sent to The End:

"I know you've already heard the usual complaints about the Adam Corolla Show taking over DJ No Name and Jennifer White’s The Morning Alternative (what ever happened to "it's about the music", "knowledgable DJs" and "twice the music in the mornings"??), but I'm going to add my two cents also because I refuse to be one of those many, many listeners who just stop tuning in and never attempt to communicate why. I thought the End was finally on the right track when they came up with the "Alternative Declarations". There was even that heartwarming spot that Phil Manning did where he talked about how much he cares about and respects the End-listeners' opinions. Because of the Ends' new philosophy, I wholeheartedly supported the End over the temporary competitor at 96.5. Was it all a bunch of crap?! If so, then I wish I had supported K-Rock… I’d prefer that cheesy station to Adam Corolla. I just hope that someone over there gets a clue before ALL the listeners are gone and the End goes belly-up. How sad... but maybe it's time."

when I found out about adam taking over
I stoped listening to 1077 I miss no name and jennifer now I listen to the rock. 99.9 rocks in he morning i love bj

Something that really pisses me off is the fact that I only have a 25 minute commute, during which about 18 minutes of commercials play. I get in my car and drive more than half way to work before they finally get Corrola's show on the air and then all he does is bitch about left turn arrows. This is unacceptable!!!!!!

DJ No Name and Jennifer White will be missed! Adam Corola can be funny at times and in small amounts. But 5 HOURS of him every morning is crazy. I have to say I am disapointed! It also bugs me that our Seattle station is paying this guy to broadcast from California. I wish the best for Jennifer White and DJ No Name.

No Name was great, Adam Corola sux, but what the f*ck happened to ANDY SAVAGE????????????????? Now THERE's a DJ i'd drink with..........

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