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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

News From The Motherland

Posted by on December 27 at 15:09 PM

This report is from the main newspaper in Zimbabwe, The Herald. (A n’anga is a witchdoctor.)

N’angas turn to street vending From Midlands Bureau

SEVERAL traditional healers in Gweru are openly selling their magical potions in stre-ets in a bid to lure patients and boost sales.

The traditional healers have stationed themselves along streets in the city’s central business district and other strategic corners on the outskirts of the city.

A traditional healer who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity said he started vending after realising that business was low.

“Previously, I was doing my work at home and business was good. However, I have since realised that the number of patients has dwindled as there are many other healers and prophets operating in the city. I have decided to do my job on the streets because I want to get the attention of more patients. I am a registered n’anga but to make a living, I must have more patients,” he said.

The traditional healer said he sold his medicines on the streets but had a secret place where he attended to patients with “big problems”.

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You were an authorized “knower” from whom flowed the secrets with yes, effortless ease. I am willing to be little, little and blotted, gradually inaugurated, trying to hum along with the custodial staff. Two notes at once, so the zombie robot is unsuccessful. Apostolic with wonder, undiminished in wonder, but alas unsuccessful. Persistent with the recycling bins and producing dog-eared thought-whetstone circumscribed unimaginative infectious formulaic wasted thought. Weak in week out seek calculated hopelessness disguised as reason and commentary. Disguised as paperwork and the elusive unbroken spirit. Deploying despondency is one corporate export with no tariff. External operation of destabilization. Tabloid nation.

Keep the fighting spirit, keep the glow, keep the reap without sow. Hasten to the field where crows circle faith and the choppey down corn silage shit looks believable enough to break our oblivious thin skin. Drought and water tariff. What is worst after the worst. What is better after the best? Time off. When you can only leave. You can not stay.

(after Nathaniel Manheru)

(after all)

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