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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Posted by on December 22 at 12:58 PM

Nothing underscores the holiday message of peace on earth and goodwill towards everyone like stealing 400 pounds of high-powered plastic explosives.

Thieves used torches to slice through the steel walls of a bunker in New Mexico Sunday night, according to authorities.

ABC News reports:

The missing 400 pounds of explosives includes 150 pounds of what is known as C-4 plastic, or “sheet explosive,” which can be shaped and molded and is often used by terrorists and military operatives.

Sheet explosives can also be hidden in books and letters, but not as easily in televisions or Big Macs, so America is Safe.

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And a Feliz Navidad to you too Cienna. Man, this is even better reading than your trip to the Aurora bridge.

Yeah, my life would make for better reading if someone would buy me a goddamned blow torch.

Hint hint, Mother...

Dont know about a blow torch, but there will soon be a lot of inexpensive c-4 explosives on the Black Market.

I hope they (the explosives)stay in Albuquerque .


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