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Friday, December 30, 2005

Megan Seling’s Story on FSU!

Posted by on December 30 at 10:35 AM

Stranger music writer Megan Seling has written a big deal story about a gang called FSU that’s been hovering below the radar screen in Seattle’s hardcore scene. As Megan reports, after 10 plus members of the gang were able to shut down a performance in West Seattle last week with threats of violence, the gang—once considered just a nuisance—is emerging as a central and troubling flash point for bookers, club owners, and hardcore fans.

The story isn’t in this week’s hard copy of the paper, so I wanted to alert people that it’s over on our homepage.

As Megan writes: “If a dozen young black men showed up to a local hiphop show threatening fans, performers, and promoters with violence, it’d easily make front-page news.” Props to Megan for filing this important story.

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That is the most fucked up story I have ever read. In a city the size of Seattle, you could just about close down the scene with that kind of bullshit, especially since relations with the city and all ages venues are already strained. What a bunch of fucking jackasses.

I have a friend who is leaving town because he can't go to a show without getting beat up by these guys. They put him in the hospital once already. My friend honestly fears for his life. The "scene" refuses to police itself, I'm glad the clubs are doing something.

Good quote by Megan. If a group of young “thugs” of color ever dreamed of doing something similar there would be a SWAT team from the corrupt King County Sheriff’s office in a second, and then we would have Carr shutting down the club for a couple of years. In this case, they don’t even show up and they let these knuckleheads intimidate artists and stop a musical performance.

Young people should be able to enjoy their music scenes without having to be intimidated by these douche bags. I think too much valuable work has been done by Vera and others who helped make a vibrant all ages scene a reality for many of our city’s young people- to let a few bald headed, no game fools act like they’re some kind of gangstas.

so is this going to be published on paper next week? cause posting it online seems to be sort of in line with keeping a story under the radar.

Yes, we're planning to run it in print next week. It developed too late to make this week's issue. Also, I think at least as many people read our website as our print edition nowadays.

i really do think this should be published in a hardcopy of the paper.

i emailed megan to give her "props" but this pretty much sums up my feelings:

i grew up in olympia with hippie parents and friends i had known my whole life. i dont know anything about "crews" or anything like that and neither do my friends, even the ones who have been victims of the fsu's violence. i see the fsu and i see a bunch of narrow minded suburban hardcore kids with a severe "brah" complex. the "unity" that they stand for isnt unity at all and in the end, none of their "values" mean anything to anybody but themselves. they arent working towards a greater good, they are working to make sure that everyone is afraid of them. and what the fuck kind of music scene is that? not one that i want to be apart of, thats for damn sure.

The story is definitely going into the next issue of the paper.

However, I don't think you're right about a lack of visibility online.

You first saw it

I'll tell you what, I usually only read the blog online and Police Beat online cause I'm addicted to police blotters. I usually read the stories in print because I can't stand constantly scrolling, and the print layout is much more visually pleasing.

... and the online version's table of contents isn't as inviting for people to read stories as the print version.

I usually read the print version over coffee or lunch or something of that nature--today I read it while eating my breakfast bagel.

I highly doubt there are as many people who read the paper online as there are people who read it in print.

last point. I didn't find this story from reading the Stranger online.. I found it from the stranger blog.

the FSU guys are little fucking sissies. They fight only when they outnumber their opponents. No venue should allow them in, and the scene should stop allowing them to be part if it. This is not a new problem. It's an old story about about of small cocked little pricks who want to be thugs. If everyone stands up to them they'll disappear quickly.

I refuse to believe that the dozen or so Kirklandites who go from show to show claiming FSU have any real affiliation with Friends Stand United. In the 80s, FSU was a group not unlike the Q-Patrol (I think that was it). And just like the Q-Patrol, the original FSU was actually a great example of a scene policing itself.

That being said, the marching cocks who go from show to show threatening anyone that doesn't fit their particular agenda for the scene could use a good kick in the ass themselves. Be it metaphorcal or literal matters not to me, but it needs to be done soon.

standing up to them is a great idea and something i am 100% for, except most people who have had run-ins with them are too afraid to say anything. and with good reason. after reading through megan's article, my first reaction was "man, i hope nobody tries to kick megan's ass". when you all were looking for stories about local security, most of my friends were too afraid to say anything because they were afraid of the repercussions of their actions.

but yes, i agree. i think that bars and venues should not employ them and should not let them attend shows. i think that the seattle p.d. should make the FSU as big of a priority as any other "gang".

One more thing on paper vs. print: We just got a great letter in response to Megan's story from MEXICO CITY, and one came last night from Philly. There's a whole wide world of Stranger readers out there who don't have access to the print version at all.
Yeah, I am the web editor, so I'm a little partial to the web version.

Seattl98104 writes: "I didn't find this story from reading the Stranger online.. I found it from the stranger blog."

Well then, I'm glad we posted it on the Stranger blog.

p.s. Seattle98104: the Stranger blog is on-line.

Well, megan's story just got sent out to the Assistant Chief of Police who used to head up part of the gang unit. I'm sure he'll be interested. Most club security in Seattle are great guys. Some real badasses but typically good people. Only a few are fucked up. Many stories about them being assholes come from drunk assholes who think they should be able to do whatever they want whenever and wherever they want. But no one should hire thugs, especially the closeted wanna-be tough guys who belong to the sissy pho-gang FSU. It's a joke that El CoroNazi says it was a tough decision to fire security who belong to a gang that starts violence against their patrons. LeFavor has hired these guys and even worse for years. She hangs out with them at the Whiskey Bar. If she hadn't hired them and supported this sort of shit in the scene for years it wouldn't be such an issue. People, and The Stranger, should stop suporting El Corazon and the Whiskey Bar. It would take care of the issue fast. Bands should stop performing there until FSU is not only not hired, but completely banned from the venue. The last time I saw Zeke at the Off Ramp, or whatever it was called then, these same thugs working security beat up the one black person in the venue. I have never gone back. Meinert should help organize a boycott, and he and the other music 'industry' people who own venues and have some influence in this town, including the Stranger, should all put a stop to this shit immediately. Let's see if the Stranger has the balls to stand up to the promoters like Lefavor who have been part of this problem. She spends a lot of money with them, wonder if they'll speak any truth about the situation in regards to her and her club.

No reason to turn the whole cruise ship around because a few people are being assholes. I like going to hardcore shows at El Corazon and I'm not going to stop because a few dudes think they can set an agenda for everyone.

Here's a post from and FSU member at the forum. He can't spell, but fashions himself an 'ass kicker'. Wow, cool. FSU are jerks. This dude Joe honestly thinks it is ok to get a gang together to beat up some kids who wrote a song promotign non-violence in the hardcore scene. And to ban them from playing in 'his state' like they were stopped from playing in Seattle.


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2005 6:10 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
Branderton - We have actually addressed the band and they have told by their own words what the song means. Basically it is about a situation I took upon myself to take care of, that they were misinformed and decided to write the song about. After discussing this with them, they then used the excuse that you just mentioned.

My point being - I am a Grade A+ ass kicker with a certified hand of doom. and I have never wrote a song about someone and called them out. If I did, I would be expecting to have to fight over it. I decide not to, it is counterproductive and useless energy.

The things you post about violence and never seeing Minor Threat fighting. You sir are misinformed. Back in the day before there was a internet and scene. There was only a HC scene in few places. I.E. NY, NJ, Philly, Boston, and DC area. In fact when all those scenes would go and play in the other named scenes, it was common place for there to be fights and/or tension. Minor Threat used to actually call some of the older FSU dudes in Boston every time they came up North because they were friends with each other and bands like Minor Threat would call their friends in other cities to ensure that everythign was going to be cool. Shootings, stabbings, and beatings were common place. I was there and it was not a fun place.

Sure we can stop violence... but theres always goign to be beefs and such in anything. At parties at the mall, or at a show.

I dont consider all of you close minded. But when a person in AZ wears a bullet proof vest to a show, has a fully automatic AK 47, and 2 hand guns, and threatens to shoot everyone at a show ( which goes on for a full 10 minutes ) then winds up killing one of my boys. I do beleive that most people who dont know us are close minded. Anyone who seriously buys the story that " Shattered Realm showed up with adults and started hitting teenagers in the head with hammers because they did not agree with the way they were dancing" ( az associated press quote ) has no place in hardcore. For people to think that as a band that wants to succed we bring friends to shows to hit people with hammers because of their dancing style is completely ridiculous.

I dont say all of this to "big dick" you or prove that I have been aroudn longer or anything of the sort. Im just sick of hearing and reading things that are completely untrue and the rest of the mass follows and believes it. I know that my writings and such on a message board will not change anything. But maybe 1 person can see through our eyes."

here is a post from a band who had a recent show not happen because FSU threatened violence.

About the Seattle show: before heresay gets out of control: Dewey and our band talked and it was a very civil moment, just as our past conversations were. He has always shown a high degree of respect for us and that is very appreciated. I asked him what was up, he said that he was there to support hardcore and that if he was disrespected, I knew what would happen. I assumed this to mean that there would be some sort of physical violence. Our band is not in the business of being censored and, as such, after being told that should we play "that song" we'd be harmed, we decided that we would not play. No one in those rooms (including us) should ever be told they will be hurt if they sing a song, especially when it is a song that calls for nothing more than the abolition of violence at punk shows. The organizers and bands set to play the show had a little talk and the show was cancelled. End of story.

all of this and more can be read at

I am a Grade A+ ass kicker with a certified hand of doom


Dear Jizosh,
How is your opinion of Seattle's hardcore scene relevant whatsoever seeing as you are a fan of electronic music, not hardcore? Seems like your entire opinion of a scene is based on one article you read today. Just sayin'.

As for everyone else, checkout Not everyone like these guys, but not everyone hates these guys either. Hardcore is a lot like high school(unfortunatly) and people aren't gonna always get along.

Oh, you're right. I forgot that I have to pick one kind of music to support. My bad.

Actually, I've been going to hardcore shows for over 10 years, in three states, and dozens of cities. Making assumptions, in this case, just makes you look like an ass.

Could you please explain to me what makes te Stranger such an authoritative source on Seattle Hardcore? Meagan Seling does not go to hardcore shows. Neither do most of the people who have so much to say about this article. So why do you have so much to say about FSU? You makes judgements about people based on one stupid article that is full of FALSE STATEMENTS. The guy who was shot in Arizona was not FSU. The members being all white, from the suburbs, and all 'linebacker size' is a falsehood. FSU is comprised of all types of guys of all shape, size and color. The majority of members of the Seattle chapter aren't even from Seattle! The statement that FSU members told Dangers not to play that "faggoty song" is bullshit. I WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE AND NOTHING LIKE THAT WAS EVER SAID. I could go on ad nauseum.

So where did you get your facts Megan? Ryan from the Paradox? Matt Weltner? Adam Paysee? That fat pig Lauren from nwhardcore? Any of the other 'posi' kids who are anything but? I know you contacted some of my friends about the article but why would they give any comment when you have shown yourself to be biased. We all know who you are friends with and why you wrote the article in the first place. I mean when you make up total lies to fill space in your article it just goes to show that you never were looking for what really happened.

Note: Kirklandites? Is that some kind of pretentious white boy insult?

Inquisitive, can you in turn tell us why you write and insult like an eight year old? Support some asshole jocks that have invaded the music community and like to beat up kids at all-ages shows all you want, but at least learn how to spell, write, and put words together like you made it past grade six.

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