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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Liberal Media

Posted by on December 20 at 15:21 PM

During what I could stomach watching of yesterday’s Bush press conference, this question from a reporter seemed a tad partisan for me:

You said last night that there were only two options in Iraq — withdraw or victory. And you asked Americans, especially opponents of the war, to reject partisan politics. Do you really expect congressional Democrats to end their partisan warfare and embrace your war strategy? And what can you do about that to make that happen?

As it turns out, my Spidey Sense wasn’t wrong. The reporter who lobbed this question Bush’s way, as Daily Dissent points out, was one Joseph Curl, White House correspondent for the batshitcrazy conservative Washington Times and Fox News talking head.

Good thing mainstream journalism isn’t bleeding credibility or anything.

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Sheesh, that one sounds like it was written by the Hot Military Stud himself...

We'll call him Jeff Gannon 2, Electric Boogaloo!

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