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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hydrant Update 2

Posted by on December 22 at 13:50 PM

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer notices the golden hydrants in today’s edition, and adds these fun facts:

Seattle Fire Marshall John Nelsen said people feel a need to dress up fire hydrants from time to time. They’ve been painted with polka dots or dressed up to look like nutcrackers.

He wasn’t sure how much of a problem the [gold] paint job would cause. The caps on hydrants are painted different colors based on how much water pressure they provide. Firefighters usually run the water from the hydrant through the pumper trucks anyway, and the operator adjusts the pressure before sending the water through hoses. Still, it’s a hassle firefighters at a fire don’t need, he said, noting that the gold paint can cause problems if it covers hydrants that had been painted white because they’re out of order.

As far as the question of art vs. vandalism, “I guess it depends on the eye of the beholder,” Nelsen said.