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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hydrant Update

Posted by on December 22 at 8:09 AM

Tips and comments are pouring in concerning the mystery of Seattle’s golden fire hydrants. Mostly, people want to praise the beauty of these spiffed up public safety devices or add to the list of locations where a glistening hydrant has been noticed: In front of Cinerama, in the University District, on Queen Anne Hill. As for their provenance, “Someone” posted this:

I saw two girls jump out of their car while I was walking home after a round of drinking at some off-Broadway bars, and spray-paint the one on 15th and Thomas. I asked them why, and they said it was just for fun. It definitely put a smile on my face.

Keep the tips and sightings coming.


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Apparently the city has some color coding it uses for how much water pressure a hydrant can spout (white = not working, blue = a slow dribble [maybe Dan can help it?]). Now the city has to pay one of its over-paid high school drop outs to repaint what a poor high-school drop out did while high. The shame...

off topic, but, when will the new stranger beavailable online .. it's almost 11am and no site update?

what da deal, yo?

This happens every week. Many moons ago, it was available every Thursday morning (and even sometimes Wednesday night, about the time it hit the streets). For a nationally read paper it seems irritating and unprofessional that the availability is so late/unpredictable.

My critique comes from the heart, you understand. Still, it's kinda out of control.

Pushing the website out on Thursday a.m. is a manual task that our IT guys have to remember to do. Today they are in crisis mode because we're in the middle of a mail-server switch-over and many people don't have functional e-mail. I just hollered at them and I think you'll see the new site online in 15 minutes or so. Sorry for the delay.

the power of SLOG customer service.

You can always send comments to We read every one of those, too.

The P-I has a story on the hydrants today: "Gold Hydrants Light Up a Safety Debate".

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