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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holy Shit.

Posted by on December 28 at 12:43 PM

There’s a new fundamentalist church aimed at 20- and 30-somethings meeting at the Capitol Hill Arts Center.

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I don't think so ... none of the addresses I could find on the church website correspond to CHAC's address.

This actually looks to be closer to 11th & Pike. A quick Google search pulled up some other office in the building, such as Seattle Magazine.

uh, from their news page: "Painting Party Renews the Dudley
Church members recently repainted our room at the Capitol Hill Arts Center. The simple goal, besides making the room beautiful, was to somehow reveal Jesus. Though the painting itself may not shout out His name, the room is a more hospitable place now. Likewise, the work invested has been noticed by the community in the building. To see pictures from the painting party, click here. (Photos: Jen Baumgarten)"

According to a CHAC spokesperson, the Church on the Hill is meeting at CHAC on Sundays, although they did stop meeting there for a couple of months last summer. However, they apparently haven't updated their web site, which still says the church is meeting in a nearby house while its members spend time "re-developing our centrality on Christ, re-focusing our commitment to mission, and re-unifying our church community within a stripped down, organic environment." Hence the confusion.

Holy shit, indeed.

As a former cult member myself, this looks like another fundie group that wants to convert everyone on CapHill to serve Jesus, obey the leader of the group, not question the leader's authority, and give the church your money.

It should be comforting to know that the church calendar has several nights a week when they get together specifically to "pray for Capitol Hill"

You feeling blessed now?

I wonder how popular they'll be. I can't imagine Capitol Hill's going to stampede en masse to their services.

Pastor Jason here...
Good to see people taking interest in Church on the Hill, whether the interest be good or bad. In keeping with this week's Stranger, I thought I'd offer my own regret...

I regret our website did not have up-to-date information concerning where we meet. The website should have indicated we currently have our headquarters at the Capitol Hill Arts Center, where we plan to launch our campaign for world domination, as any supposed fundamentalist church would.

Now to clear up some regretable assumptions made during this Slog posting...

20- to 30- somethings :: Not sure where this idea was conceived, though a six pack of beer could be to blame. Half our participants are seniors, and no one is in their thirties. We're just a group of people, plain and simple. We do not check IDs at the door to verify age, sex or organ donor status, and Granny and Papa are very willing to be anyone's adopted grandparents if you need some.

Fundamentalists :: Not really sure what's intended by this tag, but an accurate reading of the scriptures indicates Jesus was far from a fundamentalist...hence, the several occasions when people wanted to kill him. In our day they would have just Slogged about him. I guess if loving God and loving people is being fundamental, then we're guilty.

Prayer for Capitol Hill :: We do pray for Capitol Hill on a regular basis, and we hope you do feel blessed. I can't remember the last time I heard someone say, "I don't want to be blessed." So, sorry if blessings are just something you're opposed to.

Scary Personality Cult :: Call any staff member of the Capitol Hill Arts Center and ask if I'm eager to be popular as a pastor. Most of them don't even realize I am a pastor. If you're skeptical, call me up and we'll have a beer or coffee. Then make your evaluation.

New Church on Capitol Hill :: We've actually been around for over 3 years. And before that we were the remnant of Seattle Advent Christian Church, a 76-year-old church on Capitol Hill, which started the first food bank in the nation (now NW Harvest), started one of the first coffee houses, and also operated a halfway house. Again, sorry if blessing the community is something you are opposed to.

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings, and I hope anyone who has the desire to genuinely engage would have the courage...if anything, at least you might enjoy a nice cup of joe.

My prayers...

Pastor Jason

Hey - don't judge it if you haven't checked it out. I've gone several times and Jason, the Pastor, lives down the street and is a holy man without a trace of inauthentic religiosity. And, yes, he prays for Capitol Hill to be a place which emanates peace - like the light on the Hill that is mentioned in the Sermon on the Mount. This church isn't anything like a cult or about giving money or about having droves of people attend. It's all about bringing forth peace, truth, healing and renewal. For Advent they invited me to teach meditation classes and the Dudley took on a glow that was more than just the tea lights. We're calling it the place to CHill.

I love it! A guy who has spent 6.5 years living and working on Capitol Hill, caring for his neighbors and taking an active part in his community is accused of being a brainwashing cult leader!

It makes me laugh because if he had long hair, sandals, a pot-bellied statue in his yard and really WAS after world domination he'd probably be an icon in the community. But because he has the word "church" attached to him, he's anathama. Nice. Oh, and he does his own web design.

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