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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Have You Seen This Hydrant?

Posted by on December 21 at 14:07 PM

At 15th and John…


Or this one, at Broadway and Mercer?


Golden fire hydrants are popping up all over Capitol Hill, it seems. Anyone know why? Do they gush gold coins when one opens their valves?

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There's also one at Summit and Mercer, I believe - I have no idea why, but they're pretty groovy.

One at 15th and John too.

There's one in front of Cinerama too.

Belltown represent.

I just saw my first golden fireplug today and the beauty made me swoon...vis art genius shortlist, anyone?

i love them! i was terribly depressed the first time i walked by one, and found it oddly comforting.

They're popping up on the Ave in the U-District and in Queen Anne as well...

Not to pop the bubble of mystique but you could call the public works department and ask them ...

Harvard and Republican too!

I saw two girls jump out of their car while I was walking home after a round of drinking at some off-Broadway bars, and spray-paint the one on 15th and Thomas. I asked them why, and they said it was just for fun. It definitely put a smile on my face. :)

some people were commenting on them at metroblogging seattle last week, too -->

someone should put together a little map of all of them for sight-seeing purposes.

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