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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Funny, Yes. But Miraculous?

Posted by on December 27 at 10:58 AM

Okay, this is funny. But I don’t think it’s funny enough to save Saturday Night Live.

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people have been ripping on SNL for 25 years. It ain't going anywhere. even the first years weren't as good as you think they were -- you only remember the best bits. comedy is hard.

the current cast also has some excellent performers: amy poehler, fred armisen, rachel dratch, chris parnell, will forte, etc

Those beats are HOTT.

Bah.. Sure, they have some great performers, but the material is generally pathetic. This video is getting so much attention because it's the funniest thing they've done in a long time. The show has occasional good bits, but they invariably drag them on about 8 minutes too long. They take no risks anymore. It's all safe, and it's all too long. They should have cut it down to an hour years ago, maybe even half an hour. Teach them some economy.

Comedy is hard - true dat, double true - so what? It doesn't mean we should make excuses for crap.

Cutting the show down to an hour would really help. Still, SNL is old and tired and the Daily Show takes up too much space in the culture.

That rap is better than real rap.

You'd think I'm Aaron Burr the way I'm droppin' Hamiltons.

That's that hot fire.

check out, which has skits from a show called awesometown that didn't get picked up. it stars andy samberg (who's in the video) and jorma taccone and akiva schaffer, who co-wrote the skit. this stuff good.

This is easily the funniest thing SNL has done in 10-15 years... but you're right, Dan. SNL still sucks, SNL is still not funny. I watched a sketch called the Barry Gibb Show, and it's the same hamming and screaming in lieu of comedy SNL has given us for the last decade. It's like Lazy Sunday captured light in a bottle rather than served as an epiphany to Tina Fey and the crew.

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