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Saturday, December 24, 2005

For Annie

Posted by on December 24 at 9:33 AM

Torino Film Festival 3
Dave Kehr
(Film Critic for New York Times)

Robinson Devor’s excellent American indie “Police Beat” has just racked up two more prizes at the Torino Film Festival, winning the Special Jury Award and the Fipresci Award (from the international film critics association). How many more will it take for this superb little film to get an actual distributor? Answer a lot. It’s structure is too sophisticated, it’s imagery too poetic, and it’s protagonist is an African immigrant (Pape Sidy Niang) whose job as a bicycle cop in Seattle brings him into contact with the American underbelly. In other words, there’s nothing for today’s incurious art house audience to identify with unlike, say, a big warm blast of selfo-pity like like “Me and You and Everyone We Know.”

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Police Beat also came in 7th in the voting at the Village Voice's annual film critics poll for Best Undistributed Film.
Who came ahead of Mr. Devor? Only Hou Hsiou-Hsien, Tsai Ming-Liang, Hong Sang-Soo, Alexander Sokurov. If things worked as they should in this crazy mixed up world Police Beat would have been #3, because those fellas should all be given blank checks by distributors all over the universe.

Police beat was a hell of a good movie. Mudede should be happy. Why then is Mudede so cranky about "Me, myself..."? Is it the funky dollar bill?

I can't find the quote you're referring to on the internets. Did Dave Kehr really use "it's" for "its" twice? Now he is my enemy more than ever. But congrats, Charles.

I am not entirely sure this is the place I should attempt this comment. I enjoy reading The Stranger and often forward some of it to friends living in other parts of the country. I am fortunate in having friends who live in lots of different places. Some of the writing in The Stranger qualifies as excellent.
For a about 9 months, I worked as a security guard in a bus station, not in Seattle, but nearby. Where is not important. I had some very bizarre encounters, some of them comparable to a David Lynch movie. I am an older guy, have been shot at in two foreign countries, and my ex-wife once attacked me with a knife. So, I am hard to rattle.
One night, I had to deal with a younger guy whose behavior was frightening the women, children, and horses. I was unarmed. Yet I managed to negotiate the affair in such a way he departed, no harm done. But not before he got close up in my face and screaming that he was going to kill me. I decided to stand there and take it.
A few days later, the same young man came back to the bus station and profusely apoligized to me. He was once again back on his schedule of meds. When he was off of them, he described how he could look at himself screaming at me, but not do anything to stop it.
I accepted his apology and we were on good terms in every subsequent enounter.
Had I over-reacted when he screamed that he intended to kill me, an afflicted person would be in jail charged with a felony. Or in the hospital. Or in the morgue.
I weekly enyoy reading LAST DAYS, and understand the spirit in which it is written. But sometimes the Hot Tipper reports describing people riding buses gets a little cruel. I hope anything that is acutally funny gets passed around. We all need as many laughs as are available. But I would hope mebbe some of the vulnerable won't be tromped upon. First, do no harm. /Jeff

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