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Friday, December 2, 2005

Enumclaw Horse Case Inspires Verse

Posted by on December 2 at 15:04 PM

We recently received a self-published book by Raoul A. Leblanc, Seattle poet. We are, unfortunately, unable to review the collection. But this piece, which appears near the end of the volume, surely deserves a wider audience:


Apparently it is not a legal offense
to climb over a farmer’s fence
for sex with farmer’s horse
even less of an offense of course
if during intercourse with the horse
should the horse now take offense
rise a hoof and strike the fellow dead
now the horse was not injured they said
so the horse nor the farmer made no claim
against the man of questionable fame
the paper made no mention at which end
of the horse the fellow met his own end
bestiality in WA is not an elegal sin
but beware hobble the horse before you begin

An article: Seattle Times


Or somehow find a way to reinforce your colon.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the book, Mr. LeBlanc is selling it for $30, plus shipping. There are very nice graphics (not of horse fucking, but of traditional Northwest Native Art subjects such as ravens and salmon).