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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Double Release Party

Posted by on December 28 at 16:08 PM

So—you just luurve all the local rap being played on KEXP…You bought your be-throwbacked nephew a copy of the Blue Scholars’ new EP for Xmas and you copped the Common Market for yourself. Well, do yourself a favor and peep the other side of this 206 hiphop shit—the “street-orienfested” game of the man known as Framework.
His awesome debut Hello World probably won’t have drive-time KEXP DJs on gush—its coke-and-thugs charm is more likely the domain of Street Sounds.

Frame, having been locked up the majority of the year, is home and celebrating both his and his album’s release tonight at the War Room. Come party and peep one of Seattle’s best rap acts enjoying his damn self.

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Do you have an opinion on "Lazy Sunday"? Some folks are saying its better than actual rap. It's like early Beastie Boys or Run DMC.

I absolutly abhore uh uh uh rap. So no its not any good. creativity know what im sayin? uh uh uh uh yo yo yo !

You make no sense, sir.

yeah, i been hearing that a lot from people who haven't listened to rap since early beastie boys or run-dmc. as for 'lazy sunday' it's a great novelty rap tune. and its funny as fuck. thats about it really.

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