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Friday, December 30, 2005

Dept. of Venting

Posted by on December 30 at 14:37 PM


Seriously. They’re over-priced, their service is shoddy, and when they fuck up—like they’re doing right now, which is why only four of the 400-or-so channels (of mostly crap) I’m being over-charged for are working at the moment—they tell us they can’t send a technician out to fix said fuck up until Monday.


So I have no cable this weekend, and no internet access, because Comcast could give a shit about their customers. If this were an isolated incident that would be one thing, but since moving to a new apartment at the beginning of this month Seattle’s only cable company has needed to send technicians out twice just to complete the simple transfer. And now they’re sending out a third—presumably in a Comcast bus that’s short and yellow.

Deep breaths, deep breaths…

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It could be worse. You could have Seattle's other cable company. MDM which services Belltown and the Central Area.
Why? Because back in the day when the franchises began (late '70s)these areas were too poor for big players like Comcast's predessor to give a rat's ass about.
Now these areas have been "gentryfied" excecpt for the cable company which remains "ghetto".

Yeah, I miss Comcast. Millenium is horrible. They only come to your house before 5pm Monday thru Friday. They have horrible customer service. Priced higher than Comcast. Lame channels to choose from. Channel 9 is actually 8, and channel 11 is actually 10. Those aren't even cable channels, regular broadcast channels they flip around. Ugh.

Millennium's prices go up and up and yet we still get more digital HD channels with rabbit ears. They're on Cap Hill, too, in some places. Down with media monopolies.

Comcast sucks donkeyballs in Indianapolis as well. You should check out how shitty is getting.


Mental note, swap Millenium out for two dollar rabbit ears.

And yeah, Amazon was getting shitty when they expanded to cars, furniture, pet supplies, etc etc... and got extremely shitty when they outsourced everything

A friend of mine WORKS for Comcast in MD and they're screwing with her service constantly, charging her for services she should get free (as an employee) and not returning her calls when she tried to get it fixed.

Just steal your shit over the internet like everyone else.

My family owns a small rural telephone utility and cable company on the Olympic Peninsula. My cousins have been telling me this story since the 80's, when they first started offering cable. When they go out to fix someone's phone, the customer is always happy and pleasant, and tells them whenever they can fix it is okay. But when they go out to fix the cable TV, the customer is always pissed off and wants it fixed immediately. People get very mad when you fuck with their TV.

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