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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Clear Shot for Dwight Pelz

Posted by on December 28 at 15:15 PM

Former King County Democratic Chairman Greg Rodriguez told me today that he’s dropping out of the race to succeed outgoing state chair Paul Berendt.

I think Rodriguez—who made a run at Berendt’s seat last year—was the only real competition for front-runner Dwight Pelz.

Others going for the seat are former state rep and failed secretary of state candidate, Laura Ruderman & former state supreme court justice, Phil Talmadge.

Pelz, an outgoing K.C. Council Member, is a loud-mouthed partisan brawler, and I think he captures the mood of the Democratic Party right now. Democrats want to play mean and loud—just as the Republicans have been doing for years. Dwight, a Deaniac, is sure to put an emphasis on media and communications.

That may sound enticing, especially in the wake of Berendt’s lacking media presence. (Berendt’s Republican counterpart, sassy Chris Vance, has been much better at dishing the catchy sound bites and framing the debate.) But keep this in mind: Washington is the only West Coast state where both senate seats, the governor’s mansion, and the state house are controlled by the Democrats. Berendt had game when it came to campaign.

Pelz should be a welcome change in the media wars, but ultimately it’s about the ground game.

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From what I hear, it's Pelz or Talmadge, who is also a Seattle liberal adored by the grass roots.

Wonderful. We can watch Vance's
Hardy play to Pelz's Laurel.


Coming from the grassroots of Democratic politics, I can tell you, Talmadge is one of the most hated Democrats in the state. He has a small band of supporters who are very loyal, but outside that, he is not well liked at all. I'd be very surprised if he even came close to wining.

Why is he the most hated? His old district (the 34th) still loves him, and that's no small clique.

This just in, Greg has endorsed Mark Hintz, current chair of the Snohomish County Dems to be the next chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. Mark is quickly becoming the favorite among the state committee people that think the state chair should be someone who has actually done something for the party in the last 10 years. Mark is widely respected for revitalizing the Snohomish party. He has done well fundraising, and his leadership was critical in winning back control of the Snohomish County Council in 2005.

Mark’s great strength maybe his lack of sworn enemies.

It seems that Pelz will only become chair over Sen. Prentice’s dead body. Talmage, will not likely find a majority from the state committee without a public, unambiguous, statement from Gregoire that she is OK with him in that roll.

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