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Friday, December 2, 2005

Anti-Urban Archipelago

Posted by on December 2 at 13:15 PM

Another note from the DNC meeting in Phoenix:

Berendt reports that the Democrats are taking the exact opposite tact from the Urban Archipelago strategy first advocated by The Stranger last fall (and then picked up by the likes of The Nation.)

The idea of the Urban Archipelago strategy was to give up on the Red states and concentrate instead on policies and politicking that fuels the existing and strong Democratic base in America’s urban counties.

Berendt says Dean’s mission to build up the Democratic Party in the Midwest and West (Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona, and Colorado) is a top priority right now.

As one of the authors of last November’s Urban Archipelago piece (but privately one who had dissented a bit during its inception), I was glad to hear that the DNC is pumping resources into Dean’s organizing efforts in Red turf.

As the NYT Magazine pointed out two weeks ago: While voters in urban districts go overwhelmingly for Democrats, the numbers in a lot of red counties are tight by comparison…52 to 48 etc. So, Democrats have a fighting chance in Red America. If winning back those districts means taking back the federal government, I think it’s a worthy investment.

p.s. Ali was a great bio-pic. The 15-minute (?!?) “overture” where they introduce the key characters like Ali and Malcolm X over a reenactment of Sam Cooke’s famous 1963 live performance at the Harlem Square Club is breath taking. Breath taking!