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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Gloomy ‘06?

Posted by on December 21 at 10:43 AM

Over at Instapundit there’s talk of the ‘06 elections being like the ‘02 elections, when the Republicans reinforced their stranglehold in Washington. As one reader emails:

If you’d asked me (and you didn’t) three months ago, I would have said ‘06 is looking like ‘94. But it is indeed heading towards the ‘02 paradigm now instead. The “domestic spying” issue reinforces this. I expect CNN, CBS, etc, will be too frightened to actually commission a poll on the NSA wiretap issue. They know what they’ll find - a solid majority of Americans is going to have no problem with what the Administration has done here. In fact, they probably already assumed it was doing exactly this sort of thing.

But for some people, it’s always 1972 - you know, back when George McGovern won in a landslide because Americans were anti-Vietnam war.

I’m inclined to think they’re wrong, but then I thought for sure Kerry would win in ‘04. Is the country not at all freaked out about Bush’s spying?

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Not to say that it's a good thing but the majority (I imagine) know this is old news and see the Dems (who knew about it years ago) suddently strident about it now as what it is: election year politics.

In other words - same stuff differnet day. We expect pols to become upright and moral around election time, to slough off during the off year. And sure 'nuff, they deliver.

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