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Friday, November 4, 2005

Times vs. PI

Posted by on November 4 at 7:31 AM

The two dailies took two very different approaches to writing up yesterday’s landmark state Supreme Court Ruling, which gave a non-biological, non-adoptive lesbian mom a chance to establish her parental rights, and be a continued part of her kid’s life.

The PI wrote a nicely balanced headline—”Wider parental status in lesbian case; A state Supreme Court ruling created a new way that people ranging from same-sex partners to grandparents can be considered parents in the eyes of the law.” It’s thoughtful, without provoking.

But the Seattle Times took a nearly histrionic approach, utilizing language—”redefined,” for example—I’m more used to seeing in right-wing anti-same sex marriage, gays are after “special rights” PR than in Seattle’s daily paper: “State Supreme Court redefines parenthood; The ruling essentially creates a new class of parent in Washington state.” I can just imagine nuts like Ken Hutcherson reading that one over breakfast this morning, and getting all riled up.

And I can’t wait to see the Times’ headline when the State Supreme Court rules on the marriage case: “State Supreme Court redefines marriage,” most likely.