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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The New Map

Posted by on November 23 at 12:15 PM

Everyone at The Stranger was obsessed with those Red State/Blue State maps that were everywhere after George W. Bush managed to get his lying ass re-elected. The maps showed a lot red states—the South and the West—and fewer blue—the coasts and the Midwest. But as we pointed out in our Urban Archipelago issue, there’s really no such thing as a blue state, just big, blue cities. Some cities were so big and so blue, however, that they tipped the states they were in into the blue-state column.

Bearing that in mind, check out this map that went up on DailyKos last night. It uses red and blue to illustrate Bush’s approval ratings. Red means a state approves of Bush, blue means a state disapproves—the darker the shade, the more strongly voters approve or disapprove.


It seems the whole country has gone blue. I don’t think, though, that the “big, blue city” phenomenon can explain away this map. I don’t just think it’s people in cities who have turned on Bush. There aren’t any big cities in some of the states on this map—not cities big enough to flip a state into the blue column, at least. I mean, Kentucky? South Carolina? Arkansas?

It seems that rural and exurban voters have finally realized—a little late, but finally—what urban voters knew about George W. Bush all along: the man is a dangerous idiot.