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Monday, November 21, 2005


Posted by on November 21 at 14:00 PM

The entertainment masterminds at Pacific Place’s México Cantina are on programming overdrive. Last week, it was the Miss Teen Washington USA 2005 Contestant Fashion show (mentioned in this week’s Theater News column).

But tonight, the México Cantina takes away the sins of the world with Tequila-Tropolis, a Christmas village built from 1,000 tequila bottles. Head to the México, have a few drinks, and at 6:30, you and the Tequila-Tropolis will be lit together. Altering a single letter of their press release would destroy its charmpermit me to quote in full:

“After 85 hours of work Tequila-Tropolis A Christmas Village built with 1000 tequila bottles is ready to be light up. Here is the list of material and decorations used for the creation of Tequila Tropolis.

1000 Herradura tequila bottles
1400 lights (white)
925 grapes (Green, Red, White))
350 poinsettias (red)
100 mini ornaments (Gold, Red)
50 mini Snow flakes
24 Ice sickles (Crystal, Blue, Green, Red, Silver)
7 Candles
A Tree top glass ornament by Christopher Radko
1 Winterwonder Land Train
Rudolp the Red Noised Reindeer
215 Glue gun sticks”

Hooray for Tequila-Tropolis!