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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Strangercrombie vs. George W. Bush

Posted by on November 30 at 15:18 PM

There are four pictures of George W. Bush on our website today—that’s enough! Let’s look at some more pictures of this year’s Strangercrombie models. They’re hotter than the president, they’re younger, and they’re actually doing something to make the world a better place.



What is Strangercrombie? I’m glad you asked: Strangercrombie is the Stranger’s annual feel-good, do-good, shop-good Holiday Auction—and it’s coming right up. In next week’s paper you’ll find a pull-out catalog featuring tons of unique gifts, experiences, and merch. Everything has been donated, and everything will be auctioned off online, and all the proceeds benefit Northwest Harvest.

And get out those credit cards, kids, because Northwest Harvest needs help. Saturday’s Seattle Times reported that giving is down at Northwest Harvest and other area foodbanks.

Puget Sound residents are tapped out from sending money and items to help victims of tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes…

Both monetary and food donations are down at Northwest Harvest, which collects and distributes food to 74 food-service programs throughout the region. Cash donations have dropped by more than 22 percent since September and food donations have dropped 20 percent since July, said Claire Tuohy-Morgan, spokeswoman for Northwest Harvest. Meanwhile, the agency’s downtown food bank is serving about 3,000 more households per month.

“Our warehouse is usually full during this time of the holiday season, and it’s not,” Tuohy-Morgan said. “We’ll continue to serve our clients. We’re just concerned that if we don’t get the amount of donations we normally get how things will be.”

The models have done their part for Northwest Harvest. The photographer, Paul Bel-Air, did his. The Stranger’s edit, production, and sales staffs are currently doing our part by pulling Strangercrombie together. Donors and area merchants are doing their part by filling the catalog with donated gifts and merchandise. Next week it’s your turn—pick up Strangercrombie and do your part by bidding early and often!