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Thursday, November 3, 2005

Sorry, Revolver is not the best Beatles album (I mean, I don’t really care about this stuff, but it’s not)

Posted by on November 3 at 13:01 PM

Dave Segal is, it goes without saying, wrong about this. I know everyone is supposed to say that Revolver is the best Beatle’s album, because that’s what Rolling Stone thinks, or whatever, but Rolling Stone and Dave Segal and all other acid-addled “experts” who are in agreement on this are wrong. This idea that “Taxman,” for example, is a great song, is ridiculous.


Followed by that awful clanging bullshit. Gives me a headache. It’s like they’re trying to sound annoying. Someone back me up please. Rubber Soul is the best Beatles album and “I’m Looking Through You” is not just “in the top 20” as Segal puts it. Top 5 at least.