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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Smart Advertising?

Posted by on November 30 at 16:08 PM

I just walked by the Barneys New York in Rainier Square and happened to notice their holiday window display.

Amidst the cheery scenes of snow-covered Prada bags and other overpriced goodies was a rather stark window featuring several mannequins in t-shirts that say:


I was mildly surprised by this. Barney’s Christmas theme is “Have a Royal Holiday!”


(Love, Barneys?) seemed to me like a stark addendum to “Have a Royal Holiday!”

It turns out the t-shirts are being sold for $35 dollars to raise awareness (and cash) to fight the continuing AIDS epidemic. The message is “We all have AIDS if One of Us does”. It’s a good cause that’s being backed by Big NamesPresident Nelson Mandela, Sir Elton John, Greg Louganis, Harry Belafonte, Archbishop Desmond Tutu… you can check `em all out here.

Anyway, the t-shirts themselves don’t explain any of this. They simply scream, “WE ALL HAVE AIDS”. I’m somewhat skeptical that loyal Barneys shoppers are going to snap these up as peppy stocking stuffers for their friends and relatives.