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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Republicans Betray Our Troops

Posted by on November 15 at 5:17 AM

PUSA—that’s “President of the United States”—gave a speech on Veterans Day in which he attacked Dems who’re angry about the way Bush, Cheney, Rice, et all, manipulated pre-war intelligence. He also all but accused Dems who don’t want to stay the course in Iraq—PUSA’s course in Iraq—of being near-treasonous non-supporters of Our Troops. And PUSA, which should be pronounced “pussy” if it isn’t already, has long insisted that to set or even call for a timetable for withdrawal is to betray Our Troops. A timetable for withdrawal would only aide and abet the enemy—or the “terrists,ā€¯ as PUSA calls `em—since it would let them know they only have to hold on/lay low until that arbitrary withdrawal date arrives. Once the Americans leave, then they can blow up the last three cars in Iraq and take over the country.

But what’s this? Senate Republicans are pushing PUSA to lay out his strategy for ending the war. PUSA’s own party, none too happy with his performance, and worried about saving their own skins come 2006, will consider a proposal today:

…that calls for Iraqi forces to take the lead next year in securing the nation and for the Bush administration to lay out its strategy for ending the war.

So it must be time for another speech, Mr. President, one in which you accuse your own party’s leadership—all those rats jumping off your rapidly sinking ship—of betraying our troops. Unlike almost every other aspect of governance, your can actually speak on this subject with some authority. Because when it comes to betraying the troops—no body armor, no plan to win the peace, to few troops on the ground, slashing veterans benefits, tossing a few low-level grunts into jail for carrying out your order to torture and abuse prisoners—you’re something of an expert.