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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Re: Urban Archipelago

Posted by on November 15 at 14:00 PM

John Wyble, of Moxie Media, fires off an email in response to my earlier post, which itself was in response to Annie’s earlier post:

The “western strategy” has been used for years in this state. It used to be known as “you can see every vote you need from the space needle”. The problem is you start ceding major parts of the state and the other side has an easier time fighting you off (think John Kerry trying to win Ohio).

The No on 912 folks didn’t use a “western strategy”. They actually ran a decent amount of cable in eastern washington. As you know, they targeted the mail and cable so that people realized which projects in their area would be cancelled. They did a great eastern washington ad (you should still be able to see it at

In other words, if the other side is struggling to hold their base, you know we are doing something right.