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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Re: The Democrats Find Some Balls

Posted by on November 1 at 14:30 PM

DailyKos has more on today’s rather extroardinary move by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Kos says the Dems are prepared to call a closed session every day until the Republicans stop obstructing the Senate investigation into how the Bush administration came to make all those false claims about Iraq’s WMDs.

With Bush’s Alito nomination yesterday and his bird flu announcement today, the administration was trying to change the subject it wanted to turn the national conversation away from the CIA leak investigation, and its part in the meta-narrative about the way this country was (mis)led into war with Iraq. With today’s move, Reid has deftly changed the subject right back to one that favors Democrats: the false information the led us to war. What are the Republicans going to do now, argue against getting to the bottom of things with more than 2,000 American soldiers dead and no WMDs discovered?

That Reid is willing to do this is also an implicit threat that he’s willing to use all the procedural tools available to him to keep Republicans from crossing the line — including a fillibuster of the apparently anti-choice Alito.