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Friday, November 4, 2005

Re: Beatles Bickering

Posted by on November 4 at 10:44 AM

First, kudos to Dave Segal for this:

The reason we fight about this subject so tenaciously is because so little is at stake.

Truer words have never been Slogged, and please allow me to join the fray.

The real Beatles debate involves not individual records but individual members. Unlike some, I do not hate Paul McCartney, or George Harrison. But neither compared to John Lennon, and I eventually realized that I wanted to hear any given Beatles record’s John songs about ten times as often as I wanted to hear the same record’s non-John songs. This was particularly true of the band’s alleged peaks Revolver and The White Album, and after years of suffering through “I Want To Tell You” and “Martha, My Dear” and “Don’t Pass Me By” (shudder), I isolated all my beloved John songs and strung ‘em together on one CD: The John Songs, which is easily a top-if-illegal contender for my most beloved recording of all time.

(For the curious, it goes like this: Tomorrow Never Knows/I’m A Loser/Ticket To Ride/You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away/Help!/Norwegian Wood/Girl/In My Life/Run For Your Life/I’m Only Sleeping/She Said She Said/Strawberry Fields Forever/Dear Prudence/I’m So Tired/Cry Baby Cry/Come Together/Across the Universe/Jealous Guy/Oh Yoko!/God)

Back to Slog Beatles talk: I was very excited to learn from Sean Nelson that my take-him-or-leave-him Beatle Paul included in his set last night at Key Arena one of my very favorite Beatles-as-a-band songs—“Please Please Me,” recorded in ‘62, when the Beatles didn’t care about saving the world, they just wanted their girlfriends to take their mouths downtown for a while.

And finally, to the Forum writer who blasted John’s glorious, Rubber Soul-closing “Run For Your Life” as “mind-boggingly hateful”—have you ever been in love?