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Monday, November 14, 2005

Overheard at a Florida KFC

Posted by on November 14 at 15:45 PM

So I’m on the phone, doing an interview with a Florida lawyer who defends people who operate super-raunchy porn web sites, when the lawyer, who is talking to me on his cell phone, says:

“Hold on a minute.”

So I say: “OK.”

I hear the distant mechanical garble of a fast-food drive up intercom. And then I hear the porn lawyer say:

“I need three breasts, two legs, and an order of chicken tenders. And a large side of mashed potatoes with extra gravy on the side. And four biscuits, with honey and jelly. And a Pepsi, please, small.”

His total was $19.81. And then we continued discussing the definition of “obscene.”