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Thursday, November 3, 2005

More Revolver Vs Rubber Soul

Posted by on November 3 at 18:10 PM

Dave Segal is, it goes without saying, wrong about this. I know everyone is supposed to say that Revolver is the best Beatle’s album, because that’s what Rolling Stone thinks, or whatever, but Rolling Stone and Dave Segal and all other acid-addled “experts” who are in agreement on this are wrong. This idea that “Taxman,” for example, is a great song, is ridiculous.

If it goes without saying, why did you say it?
Your illogical phrase aside, I don’t care what those senile coots at Rolling Stone or anyone else think: I know from lysergic experience and some 30 years of living with it that Revolver is the superior album. Although it’s not without flaws (see especially “Yellow Submarine,” which Frizzelle likes and which automatically makes everything he writes about the Beatles suspect), Revolver has many more towering peaks than Rubber Soul, which stays in a very nice, comfortable zone throughout most of its duration. Don’t get it twisted: I think Rubber Soul is great; it just doesn’t take me to as many interesting places as does Revolver.


Followed by that awful clanging bullshit. Gives me a headache. It's like they're trying to sound annoying. Someone back me up please.

Your plea will go in vain, because "Taxman” rules. That rhythm is pure sex and those "awful clanging” sounds show the Beatles had an ear or three cocked to the avant-garde. (And that they had access to fantastic drugs.)

Rubber Soul is the best Beatles album and "I'm Looking Through You" is not just "in the top 20" as Segal puts it. Top 5 at least.

Readers: The reason we fight about this subject so tenaciously is because so little is at stake.

Frizzelle: We'll discuss this further after you've lived a little more. In the meantime, "turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream." Further, "lay down all thought/surrender to the void."