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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Posted by on November 23 at 7:00 AM

I was interviewed last night by John Moe for The Works, a show on Seattle’s NPR station, KUOW. The interview was about The Stranger, what we think we’re doing, where we get off, why we do shit the way we do it. You can listen to the interview here, if you care to.

I need to correct one thing I said last night: The Stranger is not 100% locally owned. You could say I misunderestimated outside ownership. The Stranger is “majority locally owned,” the publisher called to remind me—you could even say the vast majority of the paper is locally owned. You could say we’re locally owned by a landslide, and that we have a locally owned mandate. But a small chunk of the paper is owned by the group of folks who own the Chicago Reader. One of the owners of The Chicago Reader actually lives in Seattle, so you could say that a small chunk of the small chunk of the Stranger that the Reader owns is locally owned as well.

Just wanted to clear that up.