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Friday, November 18, 2005

Mayor Gridlock T-Shirts Have Been Ordered!

Posted by on November 18 at 14:15 PM

We’ve gotten more than 200 requests for “Mayor Gridlock” t-shirts, so we’re having ‘em printed up this weekend. Details about the exact price (looks like they’ll be right around $10), and how to order your very own “Mayor Gridlock” t-shirt coming shortly. If you want to jump to the head of the line, send an email to NOW, and you’ll be the first on your traffic-clogged block to own one!


What is Seattle saying about “Mayor Gridlock” t-shirts?

funnily enough, i was going to drop you a line of praise today regarding the cover. i wanted to humbly suggest that you make t-shirts or something. so i was pleased to read the slog and see that you’ve beat me to the punch. i would love to buy one. i often see ol’ greg at my neighborhood grocery (metropolitan market, admiral district) and can only hope that i will be wearing it next time i see him in the aisles.
Let me be the first on my block to sport one of the new “Mayor Gridlock” t-shirts. I’m not nearly as big as Hizzoner Haystack, but an XL will suit me nonetheless.
Yes I want one! Or two or three (great christmas presents). It’s fabulous just the way it is, but one small suggestion - any way to squeeze in “Seattle is Fawked” on the back?
Sign me up for one of those t-shirts! I was so bummed to see the monorail go down like that… and I don’t even live in Seattle anymore. I don’t know how much good I’ll do wearing it around DC, but I just can’t look at that image without snickering incessantly. You guys are great. Keep up the good work!
I live in West Seattle and I am pissed! Also, a little scared about how fucked life might become for me. Please let me wear your t-shirt in the neighborhood I share with Mayor Gridlock.

Let Mayor Gridlock know you’re pissed about his more-roads, more-traffic, more-greenhouse-gas spewing agenda. Get your “Mayor Gridlock” t-shirt now! That email address again: Order now! (Or let us know you wanna order and as soon as we know how you can we’ll send you an email with all the info.) That email address again: