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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Matriarchs & Cowards

Posted by on November 1 at 14:43 PM

Seattle Channel host C.R. Douglas invited Stranger News Editor Josh Feit to come on his show this Friday to talk about the upcoming election—the mayor, the monorail, the city council races. C.R. also invited Seattle Weekly political editor George Howland to come on the same show. Howland refused because, according to Douglas, Howland was “uncomfortable” going on the show with someone from the Stranger.

What is Howland afraid of? He was no doubt pissing his pants at the thought of Josh picking apart the Weekly’s lame-brained endorsement of city council candidate Casey Corr. The Weekly endorsed Corr, A.K.A. “The Mayor’s Boy,” claiming Corr split with Nickels over the South Lake Union trolley. But Corr actually supports the trolley. Corr is an enthusiastic backer of Greg Nickels’s entire South Lake Union agenda. But that didn’t stop the Weekly from citing Jan Drago’s support for the mayor’s South Lake Union agenda as the reason they oppose her re-election. (Drago is Corr’s opponent.)

So the self-described male “matriarchs” and “feminists” at the Weekly twist the record, ignore the facts, and tell fibs in order to deny their endorsement to ONE of the TWO women on our nine-member city council. According to the Weekly, we should replace Jan Drago, a woman who stands up to our powerful male mayor (a mayor the Weekly claims to hate!), with a man who is a former mayoral staffer and who will be, if he gets on to the city council, a future mayoral yes man/ass kisser. How matriarchal of you, boys.

If all Seattle newspapers were run by matriarchs like the boys running the Weekly Washington would have two male U.S. Senators today instead of Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray.

Josh is happy to go on the show even without Howland to slap around. (And we can slap Howland around on the Slog whenever we like.) But Howland’s limp attempt at keeping The Stranger off Seattle Channel makes me wonder about something else. No one from The Stranger is ever asked to appear on KUOW’s Weekday anymore. Josh used to be a regular presence on that show. One of the current regular guests on KUOW’s Weekday is Seattle Weekly editor Knute Berger. So did Berger pull the same stunt? Did he tell KUOW that he wouldn’t go on if Josh went on too? The Stranger news team, which Josh leads, provides detailed—even obsessive—city hall coverage. (Josh says he’s never actually seen Knute at city hall.) It seems extremely odd that KUOW shuts the Stranger out of a show about local news and politics week after week.

Anyway, props to C.R. Douglas for not letting those matriarchal babies at the Weekly push him around. And shame on Steve Scher at KUOW if he’s letting the Weekly push him around.