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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Kill Whitie/Long Live Irony?

Posted by on November 2 at 15:57 PM

I can’t imagine this night goes off in New York—but maybe it thrives because it’s technically in Williamsburg—but here’s a good article from the Washington Post about white hipsters finding irony in booty hiphop at a pasty kid club night called Kill Whitie. A couple interesting quotes:

Casady was raised in Santa Barbara, Calif., but quickly notes her worldliness by listing the cities where she has lived along the trail to Brooklyn. A regular Kill Whitie partygoer, she tried the conventional (that is, non-hipster) hip-hop clubs but found the men “really hard-core.” In this vastly whiter scene, Casady said that “it’s a safe environment to be freaky.”
and one that’ll bring on the cringe
His street fliers come emblazoned with the words “Kill Whitie” across a woman’s backside.Another flier offers free admission to anyone with a bucket of fried chicken.
Is it that tough to enjoy a night of raunchy hiphop just to enjoy it? thoughts?