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Thursday, November 3, 2005

Hat Tip to Sharkansky

Posted by on November 3 at 17:34 PM

He hasn’t been here for 5 years or shaped the news section like Amy J., but this week also featured the last installment of Stefan Sharkansky’s Sound Bite —our token conservative column.

I brought Stefan on several months ago because I had to admit that his conservative blog, Sound Politics, had been doing a great job covering the biggest political story in the state, the contested governor’s election, and so I wanted his voice in our paper. (In something of a crescendo of that coverage, Stefan filed a great story with us a few weeks ago that showed King County not only screwed up the election, but knowingly counted invalid votes.)

Anyway, no more Sharkansky, but I do recommend his blog. In fact, specifically, check it out today. He’s got a pretty explosive scoop about the Ron Sims campaign handing out political favors to a race track in Kent.