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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Army of None?

Posted by on November 30 at 13:04 PM

In President Bush’s big speech today on his “Plan for Victory” in Iraq (apparently just the first in a series of four similar speeches he will give this month), he claimed that critics who mock the American-trained Iraqi army as having only one functioning battalion more than two years after Iraq’s “liberation” are just plain wrong.

But in which direction are they wrong? Could one functioning battalion actually be too generous an estimate? It would seem so, based on James Fallows’ widely discussed piece in this week’s Atlantic Monthly. It’s called, “Why Iraq Has No Army.”

(Confidential to the s’s taliban: Yeah, I wrote Fallows’, not Fallows’s. Are you confused? Has the sky fallen? No and no. I now await my daily visit from the office language police…)