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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

And Another Thing! Re: Nickels V. Nightlife

Posted by on November 2 at 15:47 PM

Also at this morning’s press conference, Mayor Nickels announced that he’s making the Joint Assessment Team (JAT) permanent. (The JAT is a group that goes into clubs at night to look for violations.) Erica C. Barnett wrote an article about the JAT last August, and made a compelling case that the JAT was redolent of Sidran-era club crackdown nonsense.

In fact, when Nickels interviewed with our Editorial board last August before the primary, he acknowledged, when questioned by Erica about the JAT, that it had serious problems. Nickels told us: “It does look heavy handed.”

We were stunned when Nickels acknowledged that his program might strike the community as “heavy handed.”

Savage repeated Nickels’s statement back to Nickels. Savage: “It does look heavy handed?”

Nickels: “It does look heavy handed. I admit that.”

So, the question today Greg is, WTF? If your goal is to work with the music community to promote our vibrant scene, why would you make a pilot project that strikes the community as “heavy handed” a permanent thing?

Were you just putting us on at the endorsement interview to get our endorsement?

You did get that endorsement, didn’t you?

Man. I’m with Bradley: Why did we endorse Nickels?

I know. I know. Former Asst. Prof Al Runte is not qualified to be mayor. But damn. I no longer support Nickels.

His density thing is no longer good enough to outweigh all this other shit: club crackdowns, strip club rules, developer sell outs. Indeed, his density thing is especially hollow ever since he killed the monorail. You can’t say you’re for density and then bail on the monorail project.

Anyway, Mayor Gridlock loses my vote.