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Friday, October 21, 2005

Today in Speculation

Posted by on October 21 at 10:25 AM

Today continues the drumbeat of CIA leak case stories pointing toward big trouble for Rove, Libby, and probably others in the Bush administration. Also, today brings the best leak/knife-in-Cheney’s-back that we’ve seen so far: a look into the Blackberry messages of Liz Cheney. If those are coming out, the wheels are coming off, and the suspects in this investigation are turning on each other something fierce. With only seven days left before the grand jury expires, here is…


* The LA Times, in the mustest must-read of the day (sorry Dan), has documents, quotes, and even blackberry messages showing how obsessed Libby was with countering Joseph Wilson. Keep in mind, while reading this, that Libby is known as “Cheney’s Cheney.”

The Note, that all-knowing insider newsletter, suggests what both the commoners and the cognoscenti might want to glean from the LA Times story:

Casual reader take-away: Scooter Libby was obsessed with Joe Wilson, suggesting possible motive.

Inside reader take-away: Does the White House (that is, Lynne Cheney) know who leaked all of this “private” data, including (oh… my… goodness) Liz Cheney’s Blackberry messages.

* The New York Times has what may be the biggest procedural news, reporting that “Mr. Rove and Mr. Libby have been advised that they may be in serious legal jeopardy.” Does that mean they have been sent the target letters that everyone has been waiting for? The Times doesn’t say, but it sure sounds like it.

The Note says:

Casual reader take-away: The cover-up is (still) always worse than the crime.

Inside reader take-away: The entire Old Media now consider at least some indictments a mortal lock, with all the body language leaning towards some of the more nuclear scenarios.

* The Washington Post finds people in the White House freaking out as Fitzgerald’s footsteps get closer.

The Note:

Casual reader take-away: The White House is in fact braced for indictments and possibly losing the services of Karl C. Rove, but is also planning to fight back if that seems fitting and proper.

Inside reader take-away: History might record that 9/11 job lock produced the burnout that set the Bush presidency down its current path.

* Meanwhile, in what seems a very ominous sign, Fitzgerald has launched his own web site. Already, some popular special counsel documents are up there. Perhaps indictments next?

* And for those of you keeping score at home (or playing Wonkette’s Indictment Bingo), here is a list of all the people who have testified before Fitzgerald’s grand jury so far, including my favorite witness, “Stranger who stopped Novak in the street.”

Tune in later today when I round up THIS WEEK IN SPECULATION.