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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Still Going Strong

Posted by on October 15 at 23:02 PM

This is the final post of the evening…Helio Sequence has taken the stage and is wowing a crowd of increasingly drunken and encouragingly happy Seattlites. The three flights of stairs that make up the main hall of SAM are slick with dropped drinks and partygoers are now leaning on the camels with abandon.


Though the halls are alive with very smart people, finding a bona-fide Genius was problematic. We finally tracked down Ben Beres, one of the visual arts winners, who informed us that the $5,000 cash prize was going toward building a hotel-room photo installation at the Basel Art Fair in Miami. Also, the formidable triad are going to live in a museum in Salt Lake City for three months, relying only on the kindness of Mormons. Good luck, boys.
Film winner Michael Seiwerath has an itemized list of to-buy items: new glasses, a trip to the dentist for the first time in six years, a vacation—and he hopes to construct some sort of work of art of an indeterminate nature. He also intends on paying some debts: On discovering that he was made a Genius, Seiwerath took some friends out for drinks and spent $200 dollars, requiring him to get an advance on his paycheck. Good luck to you, sir.
If you’re reading this as it comes, there’s still time to get to SAM: There’s plenty more delicious beer to be had, more music to be danced to, and some Geniuses are still staggering about. Best hurry, though, because some of them are probably going to be smarting in the morning.