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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sox Win Game, Savage Loses Argument

Posted by on October 22 at 21:07 PM

The Chicago White Sox won today. I lost…

Earlier today I wrote, “Still, I’d say they’re fewer racist assholes at a game at Wrigley than at that… that… monstrosity the Sox call home. Plus the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus sang the national anthem at a Cub’s game this year—when’s that going to happen at a Sox game?”

An alert reader responds…

The Windy City Gay Chorus played at a White Sox/Indians game on Sept. 6th of 2003—two years before the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus played at Wrigley. I know because I was there, but proof is here.

Doh! From the Windy City Gay Chorus website:

…in keeping with its tradition of firsts, WCGC along with its sister chorus Unison: Windy City Lesbian & Gay Singers, made history by becoming the first gay and lesbian organization to perform at an Illinois professional sporting event by singing the national anthem at the Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Indians ballgame at U.S. Cellular Field on Saturday, September 6th.