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Friday, October 21, 2005

Re: Children of the Crackers

Posted by on October 21 at 13:44 PM

Oh. My. God. Definately check out the link Brad just put up to a story at ABC News about Prussian Blue. They’re two adorable blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls who perform “songs about white nationalism before all-white crowds.” The girls’ parents raised them to be wee racist motherfuckers.

Lynx and Lamb have been nurtured on racist beliefs since birth by their mother April. “They need to have the background to understand why certain things are happening,” said April, a stay-at-home mom who no longer lives with the twins’ father. “I’m going to give them, give them my opinion just like any, any parent would.”

April home-schools the girls, teaching them her own unique perspective on everything from current to historical events. In addition, April’s father surrounds the family with symbols of his beliefs specifically the Nazi swastika….

Songs like “Sacrifice” a tribute to Nazi Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy Fuhrer clearly show the effect of the girls’ upbringing. The lyrics praise Hess as a “man of peace who wouldn’t give up.”

Sometimes homeschooling is child abuse. But, hey, at least these girls have a mother and a father. They also have a soft spot for Rudolf Hess, sure, but better that than gay parents, right? Perhaps all the rappers could call off their idiotic (and occassionally fatal) fueds and turn their attentions toward these lovelies for a while?