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Thursday, October 20, 2005

He’s Moss Baaaack…

Posted by on October 20 at 12:23 PM

Seattlest rips into Skip “I Hate Cities” Berger for his column about his decision to move back to Seattle. Having Berger back in Seattle decreases our collective IQ, but it also allows Berger to start using “we” and “us” in his pieces about the city again. Berger, then a resident of Kirkland, stopped lying about where he lived after Erica C. Barnett busted him for that “we” and “us” crap a few months ago in The Stranger:

“The city we loved is being choked by gigantism,” Berger recently lamented. “The small, livable, sustainable city we once purported to love is dead.”

“We”? That’s the first of Berger’s misleading statements. Though his columns imply Berger is a Seattle resident, the editor of Seattle Weekly actually lives in Kirkland-an affluent bedroom community 12 miles across Lake Washington from his downtown Seattle office. It should come as no surprise that Berger, AKA Mossback, is against density and mass transit: He lives in an enclave of single-family, two-car homes where the median income is $15,000 higher than Seattle’s.

It’s bad enough that Berger laments the death of “our city” while living (and voting) in the suburbs. Worse, his vision for the future of Seattle is dead wrong.

Did Erica’s piece shame Berger back to Seattle? (He dropped the “we” and “us” crap after it came out.) Or perhaps the anti-mass transit, anti-density, car-hugging “environmentalist” couldn’t resist the chance to vote against the monorail in November?