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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Go Riot!

Posted by on October 30 at 20:08 PM

Seattle sent three champion teams to Florida last weekend, but only one came back. Our men’s, women’s, and coed ultimate Frisbee teams swept last year’s Ultimate Player’s Association Club Championship—the World Series of ultimate Frisbee—in Sarasota. This year was less triumphant.

Sockeye (the boys) made it to the final game undefeated but lost 15-13 to Furious George (Vancouver, B.C.). Adding to the sting of defeat, Sockeye beat Furious 15-13 on the first day of the tournament. (The first team to score 15 points wins.)

The girls of Riot fared better, trouncing Backhoe (North Carolina) at 15-4.

Shazam, the coed team, didn’t make it to the finals.

Cheers to Riot and to everyone else—there’s always next year.