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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dino Rossi = Homophobe?

Posted by on October 20 at 17:21 PM

Dino Rossi was pretty slick about not revealing his conservative stances on social issues when he ran for governor last year, painting himself instead as a compassionate conservative.

Now that he’s no longer a candidate, it seems Rossi’s not afraid to let his true colors shine: Rossi and his wife are co-chairs of a November 5 “Fall Dinner and Auction” for Families Northwest, the right-wing group dedicated to keeping civil marriage away from the gays (or, as FN calls it, “Preserving Marriage for Kids’ Sake,” italics theirs.)

From the Families Northwest website:

A movement for strong, healthy families can only advance if marriage is honored and preserved as the union between one man and one woman. Current efforts to permanently alter marriage require that each of us act now.

(p.s. - the event’s keynote speaker is former NFL’er Jack Kemp, whose son Jeff heads up Families Northwest. Seahawks’ quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and his wife are the dinner’s other co-chairs. And you all know about Ken Hutcherson. What’s up with football players being SO devoted to opposing marriage equality?)