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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dale Chihuly Has A Posse—That Hates His Guts!

Posted by on October 20 at 13:23 PM

This morning I received a tantalizing email hinting at all sorts of iffy doings allegedly overseen by mono-ocular glass-art giant Dale Chihuly. Entitled “Chihuly Fraud Investigation,” the introductory email—which is of vastly dubious veracity—read thusly:

The Seattle Times, the Post Intelligencer and KOMO TV have each launched investigations into allegations we have brought regarding consumer fraud committed by Chihuly Studio Inc. and their subsidiary Portland Press, Inc. Although these news agencies have each acknowledged that the information is very powerful and will certainly lead to civil and possibly criminal complaints they are highly reluctant to publish this story due to Chihulys powerful connections. However it is likely they will be compelled to do so as events develop. Attorney Thomas Osinski of Tacoma Wa. is presently developing civil complaints that could very possibly lead to criminal complaints as well. You can review the entire story along with other details of the nefarious deeds of “America’s First National Living Treasure” at

I checked out the website, hoping to glean some quintessential tidbit to characterize the grievances against Chihuly, but the website is clearly the work of an obsessive freak. As such, there are no clear, easy answers, just a ton of freakishly intricate allegations. If this sounds fun to you, happy hunting.